Work with Megan

The only difference between someone who is free, comfortable to be themselves and embracing love, consciousness, success and abundance and someone who continues to stay "fine" is being true to yourself. All of my programs are designed specifically for you and your purpose.

Packed with practical, easy-to-understand teachings and accountability, Each program is designed to teach you everything you need to know to stop putting yourself last and make make the impact you want to make.

Join me the way you look at your world will be changed forever.

Find your soulmate

12 week transformational program designed for where you are, and to take you on a journey that brings your authenticity, beauty and inner goddess to the forefront.

Re-ignite the Passion

Has your relationship or marriage stalled? After your dreams of a partner have you become roommates that pay the bills together? 12 week program designed to ignite your love, committment and passion.


The life of an entrepreneur is a crazy one. We are happy, excited, scared, overwhelmed and exhilarated all in the span of an hour. Learn what exactly is important, and how to make your business the one you pictured in your dreams. This is also perfect for those in the "I hate my job" category

I'm too sensitive

Have you been told you;re too sensitive? Do you absorb other people's energy? Have you seen and felt things you can't explain? Believe it or not, what you have is a gift. Working with me will not only increase your intuition but teach you how to use this gift for something good. Live your life grounded, and no longer overwhelmed.