with Megan Riley




Psychic and Sexual Empowerment Coach

Finally. Heal. Finally love yourself.

After transforming my own life and helping thousands of women change their life, I have found a secret!

I help women find and heal their hearts, creativity and live lives of courage and play.

You want to be confident, easy going and not worry about every little thing.

But more than anything you just want to be the type of woman who is happy and free.

After helping helping women for 14 years there have been some pretty incredible results:

find their confident, passionate self, lose weight,

make more money

start businesses

meet their beloved

have the best sex of their lives

If you're anything like the women I've worked with you may be in a similar position to when they started:

  • Worried about what other people think
  • Rehashing conversations over and over. And over
  • Uncomfortable in your skin
  • Spend more time mad at yourself than not
  • Wondering why you can't be happy


You wish you could be a better friend, daughter, employee, wife or girlfriend but there's so much running in your head all day, every night you hope tomorrow will be better.

Sometimes you are better for a few days but the unhappiness always comes back.

Truth be told, this is the story of practically every woman I've worked with.

If someone were to look upon your life like a snow globe they would say you're happy. You work hard, you play and you smile. But inside you're drained from holding up the facade like a movie set. It's not real.

Pretending, being drained and wishing you were different is not sustainable.

You cannot keep this up.

You fear someone seeing what you think is the real you- the one that questions everything, tells yourself awful things and is just not the confident glowing woman you wish you could be.

I'm Megan and I work with women like you.

Women who want to be free, confident and engaged in every area of their life.

I'll tell you a secret- this isn't the real you.

The real you is playful, witty and fun.

And I can help you meet her, fall in love with her and bring her out.




love yourself

with Megan Riley

Psychic and Sexual Empowerment Coach

Let's be real here- you and I both know that what's going on in that head of yours isn't healthy and doesn't help your relationships.

You've probably started lots of meditation, mindfulness, and even mirror work and start to feel a little bit better, until you eventually stop and are right back where you started.

Overly critical, tired and feeling like you can never really change.

Want to know what's holding you back?

Clearing and healing the second chakra. The second chakra is the seat of your power, your creativity, your passion.

There is nothing wrong with you.

There is nothing to fix.

When we clear and heal this area your natural confident, authentic, playful, passionate self emerges.

And she can move mountains.

Just imagine:

  • Walking into new situations with confidence and grace
  • Building and nurturing friendships with women that you can trust, that you support and encourage each other
  • Having a loving, passionate epic love relationship
  • Being the woman that glows.
  • Being the woman that turns heads when she walks into a room
  • Bringing your best, real self into relationships with family, friends, work and love
  • Having the energy and inspiration you have always wanted. All. Day. Long.
  • Heal your relationships and have people in your life say, "I'm proud of you, you inspire me"

I'm going to give you my all, and you've got to show up, too.

Introducing Living the Orgasmic Life Coaching Program

a one on one mentorship for women ready to find and be the woman they have always wanted to be.
During this 6 month one on one mentorship you will meet the woman inside who is playful, happy, passionate and has been waiting to emerge from your lack of confidence putting yourself last.
I'll teach you not only where she is hiding but how to meet her,
heal the past and bring her out!
And I'll be your support and hold you accountable. This woman is already a part of you. I will support encourage and champion your dream.

Together, we can do this!

This is a 6 month one on one mentorship program.  We speak once a week online.  You'll have fun homework and really start to look forward to the calls.  

Here's what you can expect:

The first month we will be healing the past. All those things that have happened that still hang over you? They're about to be healed and integrated in a way that is gentle, loving and authentic. I have done this with thousands of women and every one has passed this module, and been able to let go of things that have followed them around for decades.  Who wouldn't love that?

The second month is awakening the woman that is already there. She is creative, sensual and feminine. You and I are going to meet her, get to know her. I will be there every step of the way.

The third month is when things really start to shift. People in your life are going to start to notice a change. You are going to start to notice a change. By this point you'll be sleeping better and notice more energy.  You'll be exploring what brings you joy and what your creative outlets are.  The goddess is emerging!

The fourth month we heal the relationships around you.  Have you ever felt that there are people that no matter what you say or how you say it they look at you like you are the best thing ever?  And in contrast there are those people that no matter how well meaning you are and how you try to connect, everything you say comes out wrong?  This is where we start training the world around you to who you really are- the goddess.

The fifth month we look at a life of service.  What is your passion?  What is your calling?  How can you make the biggest difference in the world while being holistically abundant?  You're about to find out!

The sixth month is about the senses, your creativity, your body, and bringing the whole thing together.  I love all of our conversations and these are the most fun.  I've seen women skip across the intersection, be proposed to, open businesses and get pregnant in this month (not all the same woman!) You start being lucky,  life seems to flow in your direction.  And the snarky, lonely shy woman?  She's gone!

So what is this program?

  • You just want some spiritual insights or entertainment and have no interest in real change
  • You are more interested in complaining about how life doesn't work than doing anything about it
  • You don't see a future or picture a happier you

Bringing in groceries and cutting wood for my woodstove was hard.  And lonely. 

I remember one night it was cold, and I needed to chop wood.  So I'm standing out under a clear cold night and the Milky Way was gorgeous.  Yet, I felt so alone and separate all I could do was cry and wonder if I could help people why couldn't I be happy?

And then things started to change with one simple practice. I started to see opportunities I didn't before. I met supportive, loving incredible women. I found teachers and mentors.  I lost 100lbs. I got sober. My business tripled. I get to help women heal and live incredible lives.

Now, I have healed relationships I thought were doomed, and not only know and love myself but I can unabashedly let the playful, passionate woman that was there all along, live a life bigger than what I had dreamed.

I believe that the world needs women who are turned on, lit up and passionate about our lives. I would love for you to have the same experience for you, your family, and your children.

Just your being can change someone's life. Don't let another year of wondering if you have what it takes or if this is as good as it gets. It gets better.  A lot better.  Apply today and be proud of yourself for declaring that with some help and guidance you are enough and you can do this.

I created this program because I did it, and it changed my life. A few years ago I loved my business, my family and my friends and still felt like something was missing. I often snapped at people many nights asked the question, not liking myself or what had happened the day before,

"there has got to be a better way. Something has to change"

And over time I was shown how. These were simple shifts I made and in 2 years everything had changed.

In contrast to the other coaching and intuitive programs out there, this is tailored for you. The things we talk about will be included in the program. This is not a one size fits all cookie cutter. By the time our work is done, you will see (as well as the people in your life!) just how important it is to invest in yourself by how your life transforms.  

I've designed this program to meet your needs. You will get access to everything you need right here, and do not need to invest in other high ticket programs.

Have you tried meditation programs, diets, mindfulness programs, access your creativity programs and still not seen real change?  You may have signed up for programs where the person leading makes big promises and then disappears.  Not this one!  I will believe in you more than you do.  

You wont have to juggle conflicting information, and you won't have to sift through the trial and error of what works for you.  You will have a champion (me!) on your side, believing in you, pushing you and loving you.  

To guarantee that you have my full attention and that this program is tailored for you and your transformation, I only work with a few clients at a time.
Apply today to be one of those clients.

Don't look back a year from now still frustrated with yourself and your life. The fact that you have read this much and you are still here tells me you are committed to change. Take action and apply. Rather than looking back a year from now with frustration and regret- look back with pride at what you will have accomplished.

Here's what happens next.

After you fill out the application, you'll be taken to a link with my calendar to schedule a free call. I'll confirm the call and then we get to talk about you. Your hopes, your dreams and what's been holding you back. If we both think it's a good fit then we schedule your first call! Simple enough, right?

A few years ago I had a business I loved, family, friends, and still something was missing.

I was eating things I was allergic to, drinking too much, had just been through a bankruptcy, and frustrated.

I didn't feel like I even knew who I was much less how to be myself.

I put all my energy into my business, and myself and my needs last. I was overweight, tired, grumpy and lonely. I had some good friends but for the most part the female friends I had were more frenemies.

I created this program for women like you, who while appear that they have it together on the outside, on the inside are aching for a feeling of being a better, happier and more passionate woman.

About everything.

This program is for you if:

Here's a few comments from happy women:

“You changed my life!!!!  Thank you!  -Dawn

“I can tell that you care about me.  Everything is different since I started working with you!  You have the perfect mix of love and no bs that I needed!  Thank you!” -Marybelle

“I came to you to make more money, which happened 10fold.  What I didn't expect was how every relationship I have has improved.  Thank you so much!”  Gabe

“You're like an angel that came into my life at the perfect time.  It saved my marriage and I am so grateful!”  Rose

“I got the job, the man and am having the best sex of my life.  I can't thank you enough.” Erin

  • You have tried books, seminars, courses and still nothing sticks
  • You envy women who are free and comfortable in their bodies
  • You crave supportive, loving female friendships
  • You want the people in your life to be proud and inspired by you
  • YOU want to be inspired by you!
  • You have promised yourself and people you care about that you will change but nothing seems to work

This program is NOT for you if: